The Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist Leagueis a group of
patriotic people who wish to see the end of the Communist
tyranny in Viet-Nam, a return of human rights and basic dignity
to the people, and the restoration of its last legitimate government,
the Nguyen Dynasty, in a democratic constitutional monarchy
which will provide liberty, representative government while still
preserving the unique culture and heritage of Viet-Nam with its
ancient imperial traditions. Only by returning to the roots of
Vietnamese independence can the country ever be truly free.

The V.C.M. League also works with other patriotic groups
supporting similar goals, including the Southeast Asia Imperial
& Royal League, and the British Committee for Free Vietnam,
Laos, Cambodia & Burma. Any government which does not have
the best interests of the people at heart is not legitimate, regardless of the circumstances of its own foundation. We want to see the people of Vietnam, free of fear and false indoctrination, make the choice of how their nation is to be governed.

Likewise, beyond Vietnam, we must make it a priority to share the benefits of liberty and democracy with the other oppressed nations of Indo-China from Laos to Burma. Only when people are free can they truly be prosperous. With stable and democratic regimes in the nations of Southeast Asia, based on national tradition and concern for the people, there is no limit to the amount of success and prosperity these nations could gain in the future.

To accomplish this, the people of the Free
World have an obligation to help those who
cannot help themselves, who are suffering
under the boot of communist tyranny.
Working together, we must strive to wipe
out oppression wherever it exists and end
the brutal exploitation of the people of
Southeast Asia. To this end the
Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist
League is pledged to and encourages all
caring individuals, organizations and world
leaders to unite behind this noble effort.

"When we are not devoted to serve the People, we cannot have the right to ask for the favors from the nation." -- Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh, The Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam.

Contact: Nguyen Dynasty

Col. Tran Van Ba - Chancellor, Order of the Dragon of Annam - A Political Order

Cao Dai religious leaders in California and Vietnamese Americans supporters

81st Airborne Ranger Group and Vietnamese Special Forces Association

  Washington Peace and Human Rights Meeting


Vietnam Human Rights Network (VNHRN)

Following solicitations and exchange of ideas over more than half a year, a seminar on human rights was held in the city of Santa Ana, California, USA, on November 1 and 2, 1997. It was attended by a great number of Vietnamese human rights activists and organizations overseas, in a friendly and open atmosphere, resulting in the consensus of forming the Vietnam Human Rights Network (VNHRN) for the effective enhancement of human rights in Vietnam.

VNHRN plans to achieve its objectives by maximizing the use of scientific and technological advances, especially in the field of mass media that include films, printed matters, music, radio and TV , telephone, faxes, and particularly the worldwide web of Internet. These have been shown to be critical weapons in that they can pierce the communists' closed iron curtain with timely and precise information to improve the public knowledge and spread the understanding of human rights and democracy. They can also help in obtaining valuable support from foreign politicians in a swift, effective, and much less costly manner.

VNHRN is organized somewhat similarly to the Worldwide Web system for the purpose of building a collective force through its motivation and synchronous coordination of the activities of all members. VNHRN members, however, are entirely equal among themselves in carrying out their readiness of cooperation and assistance in their working together to fulfill a number of common duties while still retaining their own structure and independent activities.

The following information is for contact:
Vietnam Human Rights Network
4745 El Cajon Boulevard, Ste. 104 San Diego, CA 92115 - U.S.A.
Tel.: (619) 284-5111 Fax: (619) 284-5115


A Web Site on the atrocities of the Communists on Christians and Buddhists in Vietnam and Southeast Asia is coming. PLEASE send any documents, text, letters, photographs or comments to our E-mail site.


Ba Tuoc Nguyen Phuc An Ton
Member of Great Honor of The Nguyen Dynasty

Nam Tuoc Nguyen Phuc Trung Chinh
Member of Great Honor of The Nguyen Dynasty
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Irving Drobny
Attorney at Law for The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty
by Appointment to The Imperial Grand Council  and H.I.H. Prince Regent
Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam